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PAU Maui Porch Crawler

PAU Maui Porch Crawler

This is the perfect hot day, game day, any day, beer cocktail! If a distillery, brewery, and a lemonade stand all became one, this is the drink they would serve you.

Batchable Recipe:

1 part PAU Maui Vodka
1 part frozen lemonade concentrate
2 parts beer (light tasting beer)

Cocktail Recipe: 

2 oz. PAU Maui Vodka
2 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate
4 oz. beer (light tasting beer)
Garnish: lemon wedges
Optional: salt rim

These instructions are for a pitcher (serves 6). Run a lemon wedge along glass rims and dip in rock salt. Fill glasses with ice. In a pitcher, add one can of partially-thawed frozen lemonade concentrate. Fill the empty can with PAU Maui Vodka (12 oz.), and add it to the pitcher. Top with two bottles of beer, stir, and pour into glasses.

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