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Coming from an island with superb but limited resources, we are sensitive to the problems of pollution and the importance of living an earth-friendly life. PAU Maui Vodka is making waves in the craft-spirits world with brand ideals that support the environment and a sustainable lifestyle.

Here are some of our ongoing efforts. Follow us on social media for the latest events and campaigns, or contact us to inquire about our support in your sustainable efforts.

Fight Plastic Pollution:

PAU Maui Vodka is joining a growing global coalition of organizations and businesses that are working toward a plastic-free planet. Plastic is a synthetic material the earth cannot digest and its toxins are overwhelming humans, animals, oceans, and habitats. Small steps like avoiding all one-use plastics and switching to compostable or reusable straws are just some of the ways PAU Maui Vodka is educating ourselves and our fans in daily ways we can make an impact.

Event Support:

PAU Maui Vodka is a supporter of companies and initiatives that share our ideals. We annually sponsor a variety of events such as surfing competitions and offshore sailing races, supporting athletes who share our affinity for the ocean and experience first-hand the pollution that endangers it.

Area Cleanups:

From beach cleanups to park and trail garbage pickup “parties”, we support community efforts to better the environments. Not only do these areas get a temporary makeover, but awareness is brought to an often-overlooked problem. Our goal is that new habits are fostered by the participants to keep their environment and the planet clean.